Privacy Policy

Reserved Rights

This web site and its contents are the property of Creative Cabling. Thus, total or partial reproduction of the same is prohibited, as well as their translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through analogical, digital media, or any other kind of system or technology existing now or in the future, without the prior authorization of the company. To publish contents of this web site, permission in writing is required from the company.

User information

Creative Cabling obtains and records information on its visitors by manual and automatic means.

Automatic Mechanisms: Computer processes that enable records of the activities within the web site to be produced, without individually identifying them, through which patterns of browsing and user access may be determined.
Manual Mechanisms: Explicit requests for information on the part of the visitors, through which data such as name, e-mail address, occupation and other, are collected. Creative Cabling is committed to handling this information ethically and legally. Thus, databases generated from this information will not be made public or sold to third parties.

If the information collected on visitors is to be shared with comercial partners or advertisers in the web site, the user must be informed of this or his prior authorization requested.

Charging of Services

Creative Cabling will offer all of its information services free and any change to this policy will be reported to you.

Quality of Service

Creative Cabling is committed to providing the highest quality possible in its information services. The information given comes from sources that are assumed to be independent and trustworthy, and it is not always possible to verify such information. Thus, the web site accepts no responsibility for its truth or accuracy.

On this Policy of Privacy

Through this policy of privacy, Creative Cabling is not entering a contractual commitment with its visitors, but is providing this only for information purposes.